Soul Sesh


For years every Sunday morning I taught yoga.  It was my favorite class of the week.  Seriously FAVORITE~ And it had everything to do with the mindset we have on Sunday.  Whether you work full time or not, our culture has designated Sundays as a day of reverence for our spiritual practices, and also a day to connect with family and  self care.
So lets connect with our souls today by shifting our perspective on relationships and how we contribute.
After a very trying last 3 weeks, I am refreshed from spending time with my Guru-Ma. Even though it was a workshop, and we didn’t have actual 1 on 1 time, she is so inspiring that she enlightens my soul and helps me remember what is important.   The actual content of the workshop was yoga philosophy, but what you take from these trainings is what is applicable to your life today.  So here is what I took.
Don’t waste your life worrying about what doest matter.
I know- epiphany right?!?! But the subtlety of what doesn’t matter can be tricky.  Like relationships for example.  Some relationships in our life fill an unhealthy need or habit we have created.  Like if you love to gossip, you love that friend who is so hilarious when gossiping. Some of us have an addiction to drama, so we continue to circle back with the friends who help feed that part of our ego.
In this day and age, as we are becoming more busy, its easy to just kind of take what we can get on a friendship level because you know, who has time to truly get to now someone beyond their social masks?  That takes more than a quick Starbucks trip!  But with so much pain, heartache and also awakening in the world, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED!
So today and for this week,  begin to examine your relationships.  Begin to notice what it is about your current relationships that are exciting or nourishing for your spirit, or if they are toxic and depleting for you.  Begin to take note of this and start to make healthy shifts in your own consciousness that support your soul.  What does that mean? It means that all of your circumstances, all of your interactions are coming from WITHIN you.  Let that sink in a minute.

Those you choose to love, spend time with, or have around you are a direct reflection of your inner being. So if you have a particular situation that is causing you to be depleted and not nourished, it’s time to take a step back and notice what is missing from within your self and be willing to take responsibility if you are somehow creating there drama.  If the relationship needs to continue it will, or if it needs to be something you need to let go of, the shift will happen organically from your continuous moment to moment attention to your own inner state…..and you’ll be more healthy and whole for it.  Remember, the fastest way to ruin any relationship is to try and change the other person.
If you can approach situations and relationships from a place of love and inquiry into yourself and your own heart, the energy and vibration of your soul is going to be much more relaxed and happy, thus abundantly attracting happy & relaxed back to you.
Try it and see.
And of course- IF you have ANY questions or need help.  I am HERE for you! Just reach out!


Brook Cheatham