Crystal Love ~ My Newest Obsession


During that session my teacher said to bring up any trinkets you have that are special to you to put at the front of the class so they can soak up the energy and you will notice at the end of the week that they have been “re-charged”.

Ok, yes, I get the whole crystal under the moonlight newsletter too, but re-charged by everyone in the room? Ok this I got to try!

So when I went back to my room I looked through my things and much to my surprise I actually had a rather large stone that I had given to one of my sons with me, a tourmaline necklace, and my good luck trinket that I never leave home without, my labradorite Ganesh.

I placed them at the front of the class and left them there all week knowing that yes, they would be made very special to me just because of the time, place and circumstances but I had no idea of what they would make me feel.


I can honestly say, that after returning home, I have kept all these stones in the same pouch I collected them in after the sessions. When I place the pouch on my chest, I have an immediate sense of clarity; grounding and an almost nourishing sensation flood the area of my chest where the stones are touching.

Okay now its time for the weird part- smoky quartz, the stone I just so happened to have after “borrowing” it from one of my kids and then somehow ended up packing it to take on the trip, has been used to treat kidneys! And if you have read any of my blog posts, you know, kidneys are my jam! I am IN constant state of seeking all possible things to help my kidneys. Quartz in general also aids in “clearing” so they assist in detoxification, another area my body naturally struggles with.

So needless to say- I am now not only a firm believer in crystals energies that affect us on a vibrational (cellular) level. So much so that the stones I need to help me with my particular physical ailments literally have just shown up in my life.

I am now actively seeking out education and pure stones, like this new little piece I got from Tiny Devotions (see triangle pic).

Its pure Quartz and Pure love!

As I learn more about the stones, I invite you to explore some of your own. I liked using this website for research on the uses;

And as I play more with them I will share as I go!

Brook Cheatham